Fulton County Divorce Lawyers


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are more than 12,000 attorneys practicing in metropolitan Atlanta. Atlanta is home to hundreds of law firms.

None of them have the combination of experience, expertise, and responsiveness assembled at Sauls Law Group, LLC.

Unparalleled Experience

Former Sheriff’s Deputy Ulice “Trey” Sauls brings exceptional hands-on experience as a law enforcement officer to the practice. This enables him to apply his invaluable perspective on behalf of his clients when negotiating settlements or representing them before the court.

Additionally, Attorney Sauls has experience managing corporate legal projects, allowing him to take a savvy approach to safeguarding assets for high net worth clients.

Together, the partners at Sauls Law Group, LLC offer clients an unrivaled range of experience. Their long-standing relationships with judges and understanding of the court system provides clients with a distinct advantage when their family law cases are brought before the court.

Incomparable Expertise

Sauls Law Group, LLC also provides clients with the benefits of an established firm staffed with a diverse set of attorneys. Unlike solo private practices, Sauls Law Group has a team of attorneys who are well versed in family law issues such as high asset divorce and complex child custody cases.

Furthermore, when family law clients need assistance with more than one legal issue, they don’t have to start their search for an attorney all over again.
Sauls Law Group, LLC has attorneys on staff who are knowledgeable in other practice areas such as criminal law and civil litigation. This allows attorneys to exchange ideas with one another and apply the most innovative legal techniques to each client’s case.

Sauls Law Group, LLC also has a well-established network of experts in areas such as forensic accounting, taxation, and corporate law.

These professionals assist the firm’s attorneys in analyzing evidence and strategizing the most effective methods of protecting clients’ high value assets.

Unequaled Client Responsiveness

The attorneys at Sauls Law Group, LLC understand that people have an abundance of choices when it comes to selecting a family law firm. Individuals seeking a family law attorney are dealing with emotionally sensitive situations and complex issues with significant financial implications. It is important that they conduct adequate research about their prospective attorney.

Whether they use a referral service or recommendations from friends, family or colleagues, research by potential clients routinely confirms Sauls Law Group’s stellar reputation. Their contingent of attorneys are highly regarded by clients, judges and colleagues in the metropolitan Atlanta community.

However, most clients select Sauls Law Group, LLC based on their direct experience with the firm’s staff and attorneys.

They notice a distinct difference from the moment they contact the office for a consultation. Beyond their astute insight and legal advice, the attorneys at Sauls Law Group provide a level of attention and care that is unique among law firms in Atlanta.

Their approach incorporates a keen understanding that clients are facing deeply personal issues around relationships, family and property.

This understanding is evident from the first time a potential client meets with attorneys during a consultation. Clients typically come into consultations worried about how divorce and family law issues will affect their future.

However, they leave assured that their case is a high priority and their best interests will be represented at the negotiating table and in front of the judge.

That’s because Sauls Law Group offers clients individual attention. Their attorneys carefully listen to clients and aim to understand their unique circumstances. They hear their clients’ concerns, acknowledge their priorities and align legal strategies accordingly.

Sauls Law Group understands that one of the most important factors in selecting a family law attorney is the rapport between the client and their attorney.

After a consultation with Sauls Law Group, clients are confident they made the right choice. They are now in the capable hands of Atlanta’s premier family law attorneys.