Top Questions to Ask When Consulting a Divorce Lawyer | Oxendine and Sauls

Top Questions to Ask When Consulting a Divorce Lawyer

Your initial consultation with a divorce lawyer in Duluth is the first step in an important relationship. You’re both testing the waters and you’ll both have lots of questions. The questions the lawyer will ask you will help the lawyer

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Who Gets the House After a Divorce?

Going through a divorce is emotionally draining for all of those involved. One of the most difficult decisions spouses face is deciding who will get to keep the marital home or whether it should be sold. Emotional attachment, the value

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Winning a Divorce Case | Sauls Law

What Does It Mean to Win a Divorce Case? 

Everyone has heard that there are no winners in a divorce. Telling the winner apart from the loser is often unclear. Maybe one spouse has the children more of the time, but needs more financial assistance in child support to

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Judge | Sauls Law, LLC

What to Expect if Your Divorce Case Goes to Trial

Many people would prefer a divorce that is low on conflict. Sometimes divorcing couples can amiably resolve their differences and reach a final settlement through mediation or settlement negotiations.   Often, however, there are too many painful choices that must be

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High Asset Divorce | Sauls Law, LLC

How Divorce Can Affect Your Assets

When you’re married, building a life together usually includes building wealth together. Most couples build up retirement funds, invest in stock portfolios and buy real estate with forever in mind. However, when divorce looms, these and other assets take on

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How to Go Public with Your Divorce | Oxedine & Sauls

How to Go Public with Your Divorce

A marriage announcement brings a barrage of excitement and attention. A divorce announcement brings exactly the same thing, but for entirely different reasons. There are few things you’d rather not speak about more than news of your upcoming divorce. However,

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High Value Assets Divorce | Sauls Law

How to Identify High Value Assets in Your Divorce Case

Divorce can throw your thinking process into a whirlwind. There’s so much to consider on an emotional level that it can be difficult to focus your attention. However, if you have a complex financial portfolio, it’s vital that you give

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3 Steps to Choosing the Right Divorce Lawyer | Sauls Law

3 Steps to Choosing the Right Divorce Lawyer in Dacula, GA

There are thousands of attorneys practicing in metropolitan Atlanta area. Most attorneys practice primarily in a particular area of law. For example, domestic litigation attorneys or divorce lawyers specialize in handling: Divorce Child Custody Child Support Spousal Support Property Distribution

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Infidelity Affects Divorce | Sauls Law

How Infidelity Affects Divorce

The aftermath of the Ashley Madison hack has many people talking about infidelity and how it affects divorce. You may be wondering if your spouse is being unfaithful, and if they are, what’s the best course of action.  For couples

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How To File For Divorce In Suwanee, GA

Some aspects of divorce are the same no matter where you live in Georgia. For example, if you’re the spouse filing for divorce, you must be a resident of Georgia for at least six months prior to filing. However, Georgia

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Do’s and Don’ts of Getting Divorced In Buckhead GA | Sauls Law

The Do’s and Don’ts of Getting Divorced in Dacula, GA

Divorce starts the formal process of separating one couple into two lives. Divorce is an emotionally strenuous experience that involves bring legal and financial issues to a successful resolution. Preparing yourself for the divorce process is crucial to obtaining satisfactory

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Myths Around Divorce Cases in Gwinnett County | Sauls Law

Common Myths Around Divorce Cases in Gwinnett County

There’s so much information on the Internet that it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction. This is especially true when the subject is divorce. Many sources use statistics to distort the reality of divorce. Here are some myths

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Children's Rights During The Divorce Process | Sauls Law

What rights do children have when going through a divorce?

Divorce can be an emotionally challenging experience for the two spouses involved. This can be magnified if you have children. Parents usually try to shield their children from any adverse affects of a divorce. Sometimes the interests of children are

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Why People Get Divorced In Atlanta | Sauls Law

3 Reasons Why People Get Divorced In Gwinnett County

Divorce is one of the most consequential decisions of a person’s life. It is an emotionally stressful time for both spouses and their family members. If you are contemplating divorce or have decided divorce is the best course of action

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How To Establish Paternity In Suwanee, GA | Sauls Law

How to Establish Paternity In Suwanee, GA

Establishing paternity is required in order to establish parental rights if the parties were not married when the child or children were born. Simply having a DNA test performed and signing the birth certificate are not sufficient to legally establish

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When To Call A Divorce Attorney In Suwanee, GA | Sauls Law

When Should I Talk to a Divorce Attorney?

When you are in a relationship, the last thing you want to think about is divorce. Unfortunately, many couples arrive at that moment when they know deep in their hearts that their relationship is over. For some, the signs were

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No Fault Divorce In Georgia | Sauls Law LLP

What Is A “No-Fault” Divorce?

There is a difference between a fault divorce and a no fault divorce and each state has different laws regarding each consideration. In Georgia, the spouse who files for divorce must also have been a resident of the state for

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6 Mistakes To Avoid When Going Through A Divorce | Sauls Law

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Going Through A Divorce

Mistakes made during a divorce can affect your life in permanent ways. Failing to prepare and gather information, neglecting to consider your children and even overlooking all of your divorce options could be detrimental to your future. Are you currently

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Alimony Calculations | Sauls Law

Understanding Alimony Calculations in Georgia

Divorce presents a variety of complicated financial situations to settle which may be difficult to understand when first entering the divorce process. With all of the legal jargon being hurled your way, many clients want to simply resolve their issues

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Prenuptial Agreement | Sauls Law

Why Setting Up a Prenuptial Agreement Makes Sense

In addition to committing to share your life with that special someone, marriage is a business and financial arrangement. All couples should consider a prenuptial agreement with strong understanding of their protections under Georgia law in the event of a divorce.

How To Modify Child Support Payments | Sauls Law

How To Modify Child Support Payments

Child support payments are designed to assist unmarried parents in building a future for their children. Often determined as a part of a divorce settlement, or when one partner is no longer involved in the child’s life, child support can

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Child custody process in Suwanee, Ga | Oxendine and Sauls

Understanding The Child Custody Process in Suwanee, GA

The child custody process in Suwanee, GA is an important legal procedure necessary to settle parenting custody arrangements between two parents. Divorce is thought to be the most popular reason parents may initiate custody proceedings, however there are various reasons

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Adoption Attorney In Suwanee GA | Oxendine and Sauls

Why You Need An Attorney When Trying To Adopt A Child

Parenting is one of the most transformative events in a family’s life. Whether having a natural child or adopting a child, an addition to your family is undoubtedly exciting, exhilarating and a moment you will never forget. However, adopting a

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Child Custody Hearings In Suwanee GA | Oxendine and Sauls

How To Prepare for A Child Custody Hearing

A child custody hearing is an important legal situation for you and all members of the family. No matter how stressful this situation can be, it is imperative to be cognizant of the process to become ready for the best possible

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Why Choose Us | Sauls Law

Why Hiring a Local Lawyer Makes the Most Sense

The Atlanta metropolitan area is a vast space covering many different cities, courts, counties and jurisdictions. Often times when cold-searching for a lawyer, most people first search for firms located downtown based on the perception of inherent experience and quality.

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Child Support | Sauls Law

Georgia State Law on Guidelines Determining Child Support

A divorce is challenging enough to manage on your own. Splitting assets, property and money are one thing, yet dividing a family and determining child support is another scenario that may hold more emotion and complexities. As children get involved,

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Going Through Divorce | Sauls Law

Top 10 Questions to Ask When Going Through A Divorce

Going through a divorce can be a challenging situation to deal with. Depending on the couple, there are many factors to consider such as property, alimony, child custody and the dispersal of other assets that can often make these breakups

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