Why Hiring a Local Lawyer Makes the Most Sense

Hiring A Local Attorney In Suwanee GA | Oxendine & SaulsThe Atlanta metropolitan area is a vast space covering many different cities, courts, counties and jurisdictions. Often times when cold-searching for a lawyer, most people first search for firms located downtown based on the perception of inherent experience and quality.

However, there are many factors to consider when hiring a lawyer in Suwanee – and beyond; that you may want to consider for your next legal case. There is certainly a lot more to a court case than where your attorney’s office is located or how many sky scrappers they are surrounded by.

For such serious matters, make sure you focus on experience dedicated to aligning with multiple perspectives within a courtroom.

Take a look at the following considerations to help you understand what factors actually matter when hiring an attorney.


Reduce out of pocket costs when hiring a local attorney. Many out of state or “downtown” attorneys will charge additional fees for travel and consultations that lead them outside of their work area. Keep your costs low with a local attorney who is close to where your case will be handled.


A local attorney that is located within your community is much more accessible than a large, downtown attorney who may have several channels of communication between you and them.

At Oxendine and Sauls, we don’t have a secretary between us and our clients, no busy parking lot to battle, little to no traffic to manage to come to our offices. Your first priority is getting your case handled, not trying to tie down your attorney to talk.


Get personalized attention from an attorney who is familiar with your community and concerned about local causes. Don’t bother with someone who is busy, distracted or unavailable. Building a working relationship with your attorney is key to building a strong team ready for litigation success. Get to know your attorney personally.


Local attorneys are grounded in the community they serves and wants to see justice delivered for all of their community’s citizens.

For example, a lawyer based in Suwanee will be more familiar with the temperament of the city, is familiar with local judges and fellow attorneys and will have the best working perspective on your case and how proceedings may turnout in local courts.

A downtown, or city lawyer may not have direct expertise and familiarity with local judges, magistrates and courts and will not have the added wisdom and advice available for your particular matter.


Does a large office and fancy location equate to more experience? No. Perform adequate research on your prospective law firms to check their educational and performance history before you decide on which practice to represent you. Many local attorneys have similar education and professional background to assist you in your case.

With all factors considered, a local attorney can greatly aid you in your litigation case without the run-around from a downtown firm with the personalization, convenience and expertise you need to quickly handle your case and get back to living life.

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