Requesting Modifications

Experienced Family Law Attorney in Peachtree Corners

After a divorce is settled, a court order is put in place which lays out all of the rights and responsibilities each party has in regards to finances and shared children. At the time, one or both parties may accept the divorce settlement and how it affects their circumstances. However, divorce settlements cannot predict the future and the sudden changes it can bring.

Acceptable Grounds for Modification

If your personal circumstances have changed, it is important that you take legal action right away. Failing to stick to the terms of your divorce or family law order is unacceptable, even if you have a good reason. Our Peachtree Corners family law attorneys can look over your situation to determine if you have valid grounds for a modification.

For example, some situations where a person may have grounds for a modification include:

  • Sudden loss of a job or lowered income
  • Injury in an accident or severe illness
  • Re-marriage or relocation
  • New job or raised income
  • Incident of domestic violence or criminal action

Common Types of Modifications

After a divorce, you always have the right to apply for a modification to any part of your divorce order, but this does not mean the judge will automatically grant you one. Hiring an experienced Peachtree Corners modification lawyer to represent you is in your best interest, as we can guide you in the right direction. Modifications can be made to any details concerning your children or spousal support / alimony payments, whether you recently went through a divorce or simply separated from a partner.

The first step you must take is to set up a consultation to discuss why you need a modification. This will allow us to gather sufficient evidence to develop your request. We can then help ensure you meet the requirements for a modification petition.