Creating Pre & Postnuptial Agreements

Thinking About the Future? Call Our Peachtree Corners Family lawyers.

Are you looking for an experienced Peachtree Corners family law attorney to assist you and your soon to be spouse with a prenuptial agreement? Do you and your current spouse want to set up an agreement? Although prenuptial and postnuptial agreements can be thought of as intimidating, they can actually be extremely beneficial and helpful for couples.

At Sauls Law Group, LLC, we help many of our clients go over the benefits of creating a legal agreement for mutual protection before a wedding takes place. We can also help with postnuptial agreements if you are seeking tools to help you and your spouse after you have already been married for some time. Whatever your situation, get counsel from our Peachtree Corners family law attorneys.

What Are the Benefits of a Pre / Postnuptial Agreement?

Pre and postnuptial agreements are excellent tools to help you and your spouse identify how certain aspects of your marriage will be handled should you get a divorce. You can discuss how spousal support will be handled or distinguish separate assets. Planning ahead gives many couples the peace of mind they need, knowing their assets are protected and any major conflicts may be avoided in the future if a divorce or separation were to occur.

A few of the benefits pre and postnuptial agreements offer include:

  • Provides both parties with a feeling of security
  • Protects separate business from being damaged by divorce
  • Creates guidelines for the family in the event of death
  • Protects children from a prior marriage
  • Ensures certain property will be handled correctly

It is important to note that child custody, support, and visitation cannot be laid out in a pre or postnuptial agreement.

Protecting High-Asset Individuals

If you are a high-net worth individual or you are bringing a significant amount of assets into the marriage, it is especially important to draft a pre or postnuptial agreement. Knowing that your assets will not later create conflicts between you and your spouse or your family can give you great peace of mind, whether due to divorce or an unexpected death in the family.